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Trade fair Servparc 2019

The 2019 SERVPARC Facility Management trade show was very exciting for STINGL ...

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Tensioning-weight switch kit

Tensioning-weight switch kit

Tensioning-weight switch kit
switch kit

The tensioning-weight switch kit allows supervision of the governor tensioning weight.

The switch kit is fixed to the floor or the shaft wall with a mounting angle and a C-profile. Both, mounting angle and C-profile allow a very accurate adjustment. To reset the lever a release button has to be pulled.

The switch set consists of the following parts:
1 piece - switch as roller swing lever with rubber roller and end position locking
1 piece - mounting bracket
1 piece - C-profile rail 190 mm long
2 pieces - hexagonal screws 8x50
2 pieces - plastic dowel 10x50
2 pieces - washer M8, DIN 9021
2 pieces - washer M4, DIN 9021
2 pieces - Hex nut M4
2 pieces - Toothed disc M4
2 pieces - cylinder head screws M4x35
1 piece - hexagonal screw M10x12
1 piece - threaded plate M10

Product overview
Item No. Description
231999005 Tensioning-weight switch kit for supervision of governor tensioning weight
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