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Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding

Article LIFTjournal edition 03/2020

Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding 

Stingl has developed a product to meet the requirements of EN81-20 an assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding made of flame-resistant rigid foam panels. ... 

by Stingl GmbH

Product catalog

Stingl-mobil SERVICE

The mobile platform made of glass reinforced polyester (GRP) is a safe and approved alternative compared to conventional platforms made of wood. Stingl-mobil service can be fixed to the shaft wall from the car roof or by way of other access means. The platform lengths can vary in an interval of 1500 up to max. 2700 mm. The platform width is determined by the chosen floor panel length.

A new product from the Stingl working platform program

Stingl-mobil SERVICE can optionally be equipped with either a 3-part guard rail system or an inclined fall protection system. Both systems can also be combined.


  • Approved for a work bad of 300 kg/m2.
  • A GS-seal (certificate no. 00023) awarded by a German notified body guarantees a safe and approved solution.
  • Fast amortisation as the mobile platform can be used for more than one project.
  • One product for shafts with different depths and widths.
  • Moderate weight combined with high stability.
  • The requirement of one-man-assembly is met.
  • Single, non-conductive floor panels with anti-skid surface.
  • Lateral side protection optionally available. Either 3-piece side protection consisting of handrail, knee board and kick board or inclined panel sections.
  • The platform width is determined by the chosen floor panel length. Thus, different panel kits can be used to vary the platform size.
  • Either plug-in stage shoes or dowel stage shoes can be used to fix the platform.
  • No dependence on third parties for scaffolding erection and thus administrative and time savings.
  • Defined material properties of GRP such as high loading capacity, high impact strength, bong service life, low weight, high corrosion resistance as well as electrical insulation are the advantages over conventional materials such as wood, steel or aluminium.
  • Also usable in shafts with centrally guided ropes.

Installation requirements Stingl-mobil SERVICE

  • The lift shaft walls must be made of reinforced concrete (grade ≥ German C20/25).
  • The platform corresponds to load class 4 according to DIN EN 12811-1 (parts 1–3) and is certified for a working load of max. 300 kg/m2.
  • The installation site as well as the erecting position in the hoistway must be accessible without any danger. Stingl-mobil SERVICE can be mounted either from the shaft pit or the car roof.
  • During erection, use and dismantling of the platform, the fitter must secure himself with a fall arrester and full body harness (or similar safety devices) attached outside of the hoistway to an DIN EN 795 compliant anchor point with a min. capacity of 750 kg. The safety gear must always comply with local health and safety requirements.
  • The shaft walls where the universal stage shoes are fixed to must be parallel to each other.
  • The shaft surface must be free of holes or any projecting parts so that the universal stage shoes make full contact with the wall. Possible holes in the shaft wall surface must have a minimum distance of 20 cm to the finge of each universal stage shoe.
  • Before installation and usage of the platform, all parts have to be checked on damage, ageing and wear. Damaged or worn parts may not be used.
  • Stingl-mobil SERVICE may only be mounted on sufficiently stable parts of structural works capable of taking up and passing on the forces which are produced.
  • Never modify the original parts.
  • Always observe federal, state and local safety and accident prevention regulations.
  • Only allow properly qualified and trained personnel to install the platform
Product overview

Telescopic work platform Stingl-mobil SERVICE

Item No. Description (platform width / platform depth)
34002060001 Stingl-mobil SERVICE 600 / 1.500 – 2.150 mm
34002060002 Stingl-mobil SERVICE 600 / 1.500 – 2.700 mm
34002070001 Stingl-mobil SERVICE 700 / 1.500 – 2.150 mm
34002070002 Stingl-mobil SERVICE 700 / 1.500 – 2.700 mm
34002100001 Stingl-mobil SERVICE 1.000 / 1.500 – 2.150 mm
34002100002 Stingl-mobil SERVICE 1.000 / 1.500 – 2.700 mm
34002113001 Stingl-mobil SERVICE 1.130 / 1.500 – 2.150 mm
34002113002 Stingl-mobil SERVICE 1.130 / 1.500 – 2.150 mm
Item No. Description
34003215001 Guard rail kit for Stingl-mobil SERVICE 1.500 – 2.150 mm
34003270001 Guard rail kit for Stingl-mobil SERVICE 1.500 – 2.700 mm
34003215002 Fall protection kit, inclinable 1.000, 1.500 – 2.150 mm
34003215003 Fall protection kit, inclinable 700, 1.500 – 2.150 mm
34003270002 Fall protection kit, inclinable 1.000, 1.500 – 2.700 mm
34003270003 Fall protection kit, inclinable 700, 1.500 – 2.700 mm
16027070001 Stowage box kit (2 boxes)
01609070002 Stowage box kit (3 boxes)
08004102001 Stowage box type 4
08004263001 Stowage box type 5
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