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40 years Stingl GmbH

40 years Stingl GmbH: The first company headquarters were admittedly small – a room in a cellar....

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Scaffolding socket

Stage socket
Stage socket

Approved solely for assembly platforms in concrete shafts (min. concrete quality German C20/25). The imbedding of scaffolding sockets into masonry and drill holes of any kind is prohibited. Use pre-cast concrete blocks as shown below for masonry shafts. The durable synthetic sockets remain in the shafts for later maintenance activities.

Scaffolding socket manufactured out of durable synthetic material Polypropylene PPN 1060

  • orange, 26 x 26 x 100 mm (W x D x L) or
  • yellow, 31 x 31 x 100 mm (W x D x L)

Example 1
Scaffolding socket cast into a concrete wall with plugged-in scaffolding shoe

Stage socket
Stage socket

Example 2
Scaffolding socket cast into a concrete block with plugged-in scaffolding shoe

Stage socket
Stage socket
Product overview
Item No. Description Unit
0050100126 Scaffolding socket 26 x 26 x 100 mm/length
0050100131 Scaffolding socket 31 x 31 x 100 mm/length

Assembly information: Stage sockets are fixed to form boards with at least 2 opposing nails. A stage socket should be placed rightangled to the form board to avoid penetration of concrete.

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