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Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding

Article LIFTjournal edition 03/2020

Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding 

Stingl has developed a product to meet the requirements of EN81-20 an assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding made of flame-resistant rigid foam panels. ... 

by Stingl GmbH

Product catalog

Pre-assembled transport anchor

Pre-assembled transport anchor

PFEIFER foot-mounted anchor
PFEIFER foot-mounted anchor


The assembly-load anchor is especially suitable for use inconcrete parts where lifting loops cannot be screwed in easily after insertion of a waved anchor or the like.

Waved anchor and lifting loop are glued together, building a reliable screw combination which can be loosened only by using a heavy tool.

For concrete parts with low cross sections, the Pfeifer foot-mounted anchor can be used as an alternative to the Pfeifer waved anchor (e.g. Rd20 with a minimum concrete ceiling height = 170mm).

Details PFEIFER foot-mounted anchor:
Height: 165 mm (Rd 20),
special nail plate,
data clip,
lifting loop, completely assembled

PFEIFER waved anchor
PFEIFER waved anchor

Details PFEIFER waved anchor:
height: 169 mm (16 kN) or
189 mm (20 kN) respectively


Certification of adequate carrying capacity of the shaft ceiling (thickness, reinforcement, load transmission) is to be provided by the responsible planner.

Furthermore, the supplied instructions for installation and use must be followed strictly.

Product overview
Item No. Carrying capacity
(max) kN
00205160001 16
00205200001 20
00205200002 20
00205200004 20
00205400002 40
00205400004 40
Item No. Description carrying capacity
zul. F kN
00205160001 mit Wellenanker 16
00205200001 mit Wellenanker 20
00205200002 mit Flachstahlanker 20
00205200004 mit DB 682 Fußanker 20
00205400002 mit Flachstahlanker 40
00205400004 mit DB 682 Fußanker 40

Installation instructions: The assembly transport anchor must be mounted in one piece flush to the form board and then cast into concrete (min. concrete quality German B25). In order to put the lifting loop (4) through the shuttering make sure that an adequate recess (drill hole or slit) is left in the shuttering.

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