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Product catalog

Pit ladder type S

Pit ladder type S
Pit ladder type S

Mobile pit ladder with hook profile meant for placement in the groove of a telescopic or centrally opening lift door. This pit ladder type is especially suitable in cases where fastening to the shaft wall or stowage on the shaft floor is impossible.

The ladder is vertically stowed in a floor-mounted holder close to the lift door. The hook profile (20°) folds away automatically in stow position and avoids tilt back during use. It is mounted on two guide rails and can be adjusted within a range of approx. 1000 mm according to the given pit depth. That saves costly changes on site, facilitates planning and ensures a safe angle of inclination during use. The hook profile is equipped with synthetic buffers on each side to prevent damage to the lift doors. A metal chain connects the ladder with the lift shaft. Holder and fixing material come with every ladder. Set- up height is only 65 mm.

Product overview
Pit ladder type S
Item No. Description
Ladder length
DIN EN 81-20 Conformity
Pit depth
max. / smaller
0395150010 Pit ladder type S 1,50 m 70° 0,31 m
0395180010 Pit ladder type S 1,80 m 70° 0,59 m
0395250010 Pit ladder type S 2,50 m 70° 1,25 m
0395300010 Pit ladder type S 3,00 m 70° 1,72 m
0395360010 Pit ladder type S 3,60 m 70° 2,28 m
0395410010 Pit ladder type S 4,10 m 70° 2,75 m
Art.-Nr. Description
303999003 Floor attachment
for pitt ladder
305999002 Floor holder
Pit ladder type S - Dimensions
Pit ladder type S - Dimensions
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