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Pit ladder type F

Pit ladder type F
Pit ladder type F

This static stepladder has spacers that pivot forward. A spring mechanism ensures that the ladder lies directly against the shaft wall, leaving a gap to the floor of the shaft, when it is not being used.

This means that a small installation depth of only around 80 – 90 mm (depending on the length of the ladder) is required. The step depth required by accident prevention regulations is respected if the ladder is pulled as far forward as possible in an 85° movement until it rests on the floor of the shaft. The ladder can then be used. The ladder automatically returns to the shaft wall once weight is removed from it.

Aluminium, steel
Width: ca. 350 mm
Lengths (ca.): 1,50 m, 1,80 m, 2,50 m, 3,00 m, 3,60 m, 4,10 m
The delivery includes various mounting parts.


  • Quick and cost-efficient solution
  • Suitable for use in narrow spaces
  • Thanks to the spring mechanism, there is no need for a monitoring contact to monitor the position of the ladder
  • The spacers can be attached to any crimped ladder step with a standard external width of 350 mm and a step profile of at least 30 x 30 mm
  • Short installation time

The pit ladder type F complies to DIN EN 131 + DIN EN 81-20.

Product overview
Pit ladder type F
Item No. Description
Ladder length
DIN EN 81-20 Conformity
Pit depth
max. / smaller
3752150000 Pit ladder type F 1,50 m 90° 0,40 m
3752180000 Pit ladder type F 1,80 m 90° 0,70 m
3752250000 Pit ladder type F 2,50 m 90° 1,40 m
3752300000 Pit ladder type F 3,00 m 90° 1,90 m
3752360000 Pit ladder type F 3,60 m 90° 2,50 m
3753410000 Pit ladder type F 4,10 m 90° 3,00 m

Further lengths available on request

Art.-Nr. Bezeichnung / Variante
309999001 Wandhalterung mit Kontakt
309999002 Bodenanschlagblech und Kette
309999003 Leiterhakenset
Abschließbare Leiteraufhängungen
Art.-Nr. Bezeichnung / Variante
303999001 Leiteraufhängung mit Dreikantschloss
verzinkter Stahl, für 58er Holm, Länge 25 cm, Tiefe 4,5 cm, Höhe 10 cm.
Sprosse 29x29 mm, mit Dreikantschloss und Befestigungsdübeln
303999002 Leiteraufhängung mit Vorhängeschloss
verzinkter Stahl, für 58er Holm, Länge 25 cm, Tiefe 4,5 cm, Höhe 10 cm.
Sprosse 29x29 mm inklusive Befestigungsdübeln
DIN EN 81-20/50
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