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Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding

Article LIFTjournal edition 03/2020

Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding 

Stingl has developed a product to meet the requirements of EN81-20 an assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding made of flame-resistant rigid foam panels. ... 

by Stingl GmbH

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Overload Control System

Overload Control System

Weightwatcher AE12
Weightwatcher AE12

The Henning over-load control system is based on a patented measuring principle. There is a sensor installed at each rope in the shaft or at the hitchpoint. These sensors no longer need to be calibrated using weights; the time-consuming usage of weights is no longer necessary.

Storekeeping, too, is simplified: one sensor module matches different rope diameters or eye bolt diameters. The rope tension setting assistant integrated in the software is unique and amazingly simple: it only takes a few minutes to achieve an optimum setting of a complete set of ropes. This and the permanent rope tension monitoring feature allow the undesired and needless wear of traction sheaves and ropes to be prevented in a reliable manner.

Donut Load Sensor RC 1000
Donut Load Sensor RC 1000


  • Calibration with weights not necessary thanks to the patented measuring principle
  • Suitable for different rope diameters and rope types and belts
  • 4 programmable alarm relays or CANopen (depending on the evaluation unit)
  • Up to 12 rope sensors per evaluation unit
  • Integrated slack rope alarm
  • Permanent monitoring of the load distribution
  • Equipped with USB interface and free PC software
  • Software wizard for the adjustment of the optimum single rope tension to avoid unnecessary wear
  • automatic compensation chains and rope measurement

Method of function:

Every single rope is fitted with a load sensor. Either directly at the rope or at the hitchpoint. The sensors are simply plugged into the evaluation unit AE 12 which – without any calibration by weights – immediately indicates the overall weight and the individual rope loads. The desired alarms are set via the display and keys of the unit or via the free PC software. The unit then triggers the alarms for up to 4 different load limits, slack rope conditions and any diverging individual rope loads.

Installed and ready for operation within minutes!

Load sensor LS:
Design of the rope load sensor LS follows a patented measuring principle ceasing the expensive calibration of the elevator by test weights. The rope load sensor suits 3 rope diameters and is ready for use. It is provided with a mains lead of 2,5 m length.

Load sensor RC:
Our RC-series of “Donut” - load sensors are installed directly at the hitchpoint. For this reason Henning load sensors RC „Donut“ are ideal for new elevator installations and also for modernization. On elevators with 1:1 suspension, the Donut-Load sensors are mounted on top of the car, on elevators with 2:1 suspension the load sensors are mounted at the hitchpoint on the car side. Our RC-series of “Donut”-load sensors are able to measure absolute weights at each rope or belt, thereby making calibration with weights redundant. Due to the engineering and the design we have chosen, each load sensor of our RC–series covers a wide bandwidth of different loads and rope diameters. The sensors are ready for immediate use after connection with an evaluation unit AE12 without the time consuming entering of calibration parameters for the sensors.

Product overview
Overload control system WeightWatcher
Item No. Description
68000455000 AE12
68000455002 AE12 analogue
68000455005 AE12CANopen
68000455250 Donut load sensor RC 300
68000455255 Donut load sensor RC 500
68000455260 Donut load sensor RC 1000
68000455265 Donut load sensor RC 3500
68000455500 Rope load sensor LS 1
68000455400 Rope load sensor LS 2
68000455850 Rope load sensor LS 2000*
Item No. Description
68000455020 Casing AE12/AE16/AE8
68000455006 Power supply 15W, 230V für AE12 / AE 16 / AE9 AE12 Software
68000455505 5 LS connection cable extension up to 20 m
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