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Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding

Article LIFTjournal edition 03/2020

Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding 

Stingl has developed a product to meet the requirements of EN81-20 an assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding made of flame-resistant rigid foam panels. ... 

by Stingl GmbH

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LED strip LPS

LED strip LPS
LED strip LPS

The LED strip LPS is made up of an aluminium profile (W x H: 18 x 10mm), a high-quality LED flex strip and a diffuser cover (IP40) made of UV resistant plastic.

The profile is rounded off and protected by aluminium end caps. The profile is also available as a completely enclosed unit (IP67). Profile lengths can be tailored to meet your requirements.

The LPS strip can be fixed in place in a number of different ways, making it quick and easy to fit.

Technical features:

  • Aluminium profile, surface: anodized clear coating
  • 18 x 10 mm (W x H)
  • thermally optimised up to 16 W/m
  • various installation options
  • for holding LED flex strips
  • length (max.) 3 m
  • aluminium profile with cover: IP 40
  • enclosed aluminium profile: IP 67
  • can be tailored to customer requirements
  • Diffuser cover made of UV resistant plastic
  • 12,5 x 4,5 mm (W x H)
  • suitable for the LED aluminium profile
  • snaps in easily
  • transmission factor: 85%
  • Aluminium end cap 1,5 mm
  • 18 x 10 mm (W x H)
  • suitable for the LED aluminium profile
  • surface: anodized clear coating
  • laser cut for optimum precision

Wide range of attachment options:

Magnetic fixings

  • metal plate with 2 extremely strong magnets
  • 30 x 7,2 mm (L x W)
  • suitable for the aluminium profile
  • easy to adjust with the 2 set screws
  • the easy way to attach the profile to magnetic materials

Screw fixings

  • square nut with M4 x 6 mm countersunk bolt
  • suitable for the LED aluminium profile
  • for attaching the profile to metal brackets, pivot joints, etc.
  • optimised for material thicknesses of 3 mm or less

Adhesive fixings

  • extremely strong double-sided adhesive tape made by 3M
  • 100 x 15 x 0.64 mm (L x W x H)
  • suitable for the LED aluminium profile
  • for fixing the profile to smooth, clean surfaces
  • can be used indoors and outdoors
  • installation temperature of 20° (2 days hardening)

Mounting clips

  • S-Clip - small mounting clip (3cm) for snapping into the low power profile
  • L-Clip - large mounting clip (15cm) for snapping into the low power profile
  • Clip profile - mounting clip profile for snapping over the entire length into the low power profile at "endless lines"
Product overview
Item No. 90941316244 90941316244 90941316244
Current 24 VDC 24 VDC 24 VDC
Voltage 5 W/m 10 W/m 15 W/m
Lumens 515 lm/m 1030 lm/m 1545 lm/m
Colour 2600K 3000K 4000K
Can be split 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm

Special design and RGB upon request

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