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Trade fair Servparc 2019

The 2019 SERVPARC Facility Management trade show was very exciting for STINGL ...

by Stingl GmbH

Product catalog

Inspection Box

Inspection control
Inspection control

e.g. Inspection control 7-digit, long housing, white pushbutton travel, 1 NO, cam switch 0-1 latching, 3x NC + 3x NO, white pushbutton with arrow up, 2 NO, black pushbutton with arrow down, 2 NO, double push-button light + alarm, 1 NO each, emergency stop switch 40 mm, 1 NC, with switch position indicator, rotating, shock-proof socket, thread for M25 screw connection.

Other versions or with cable are also possible.

Product overview
Item No. Description
90112004000 Return control, 4-function
90112004001 Inspection box / Return control, 4-function
90112005000 Inspection box 5-function für Grube
90112005001 Inspection box 5-function
90112006000 Inspection box 6-function
90112006001 Inspection box 6-function
90112006002 Inspection box 6-function
90112007000 Inspection box 7-function
90112007001 Inspection box 7-function
90112008000 Inspection box 8-function
90112009000 Inspection box 9-function
90112010000 Inspection box 10-function
DIN EN 81-20/50
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