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Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding

Article LIFTjournal edition 03/2020

Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding 

Stingl has developed a product to meet the requirements of EN81-20 an assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding made of flame-resistant rigid foam panels. ... 

by Stingl GmbH

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How To Select Your Emergency Telephone

How To Select Your Emergency Telephone

Safeline offers an extensive range of emergency telephones, suitable for all needs to comply with EN81-28, EN81-70 and EN81-72. We have the solution for you, regardless if you need a small standalone unit like MX3+ for mounting on the car wall or if you’re looking for a sophisticated system like SL6+ with GSM, battery backup and multiple voice stations in the shaft.

SafeLine lift phone
SafeLine lift phone

SL2 and SL4 are both “triphonie” products; specifically developed to meet the need for a three part system with button, microphone and speaker both on the roof and in the pit, as well as in the car. The new SL4 unit has both battery backup and hearing loop integrated and can operate on either PSTN or GSM.

All Safeline telephones communicate through open protocols (P100, CPC, 023) and they are easily configured and re-configured. The new generation of Safeline telephones also include the CONNECT feature; Bluetooth compatibility enabling easy configuration and testing through your smartphone and the Safeline CONNECT app.

Model comparison SafeLine lift telephone

  o    available as default
- . -   not available

  MX3+ SL1 SL2 SL6+
Location identification by
open protocol ID or by
recorded voice message
o o o o
Calming announcement to the
entrapped passengers
(recorded voice message)
o o o o
Several open communication
protocols allow connection to
any call-centre
o o o o
Superb sound quality and
advanced hands-free with
echo cancellation
o o o o
Not powered by telephone line.
Avoids problems with weak or
long phone lines, spikes,
thunderstorms, trigger signals,
o o o o
Up to 9 Safeline telephones can
share the same telephone line
and still be called individually
o o o o
Use existing (NO/NC) alarm
button (no need for separate
o o o o
Up to four emergency numbers
in sequence - Several answering
o o o o
Emergency calls, Test alarms and
LMS tickets have separate
telephone numbers
o o o o
Active alarm / end of alarm
functions (indications & tickets
to call-centre)
o o o o
Pictograms indicating the alarm
status according to EN81-28
o o o o
Battery supervision according
to EN81-28
o o o o
Main power supervision optional optional o o
Automatic audio chain (checks
microphone + speaker + amplifiers)
o o o o
Stuck alarm button supervision o o o o
Stored numbers, voice messages
and parameters never lost
(flash memory)
o o o o
Start counter that can alert for
maintenance need
o o o o
Can transmit detailed information
from the lift controller (tickets)
o o o o
Inputs for monitoring o o o o
LMS signals (Lift Monitoring
System) for external fault
o o o o
Unique auto-allocation of time
slots for test alarms, avoids
problems with clock
o o o o
Test alarms every 3 days,
according to EN81-28,
performed without any
call cost (caller ID)
o o o o
Programming on site by analogue
telephone or with laptop, from
remote with a standard telephone
or with Windows based
Safeline Pro (freeware)
o o o o
Plenty of programmable para-
meters and modes; easily
adopts to your needs
o o o o
Flexible installation; surface
mount, flush mount, ceiling
mount or behind COP
o o o o
Integrated EN81-28 pictograms o o optional optional
Standard telephone line (PSTN) o o o o
GSM version optional optional optional optional
Emergency battery optional optional o o
Intercom support (machine room /
car / car top / below car / lift pit)
2 Positionen 2 Positionen 3 Positionen 6 Positionen
Car station with emergency light - . - - . - - . - optional
Car station with built-in
emergency button
o o optional optional
Separate voice messages from
car top / car / lift pit
- . - - . - o o
Outputs for external pictograms - . - o o o
Internal 2 wire bus system - . - - . - - . - o
Telephone line redundancy - . - - . - - . - o
Outputs (drive lift up /down,
reset controller, open door, etc.)
- . - - . - - . - o
Main unit size in mm (H x W x D) 130x78x21 100x80x26 90x172x42 160x241x49
Supply voltage 10-30 VDC 10-30 VDC 10-30 VDC 230 VAC
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