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Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding

Article LIFTjournal edition 03/2020

Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding 

Stingl has developed a product to meet the requirements of EN81-20 an assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding made of flame-resistant rigid foam panels. ... 

by Stingl GmbH

Product catalog

Halfen HLX Lift-Box

HLX Lift-Box

Anchoring point for load suspension devices with CE marking under ETA-17/0488

The HALFEN HLX Lift-Box is used as an assembly aid for the interior construction and repair of lifts. The Lift-Box guarantees a safe fixing at the ceiling (anchoring points in the ceiling) in order to hoist heavy lift equipment.


      • System according to European ETA-17/0488
      • CE-marking according to ETA
      • High workloads (1.500kg, 2.000kg, 4.000kg)
      • Versions available with rope loop and chain link
      • Rotation prevention is ensured
      • Automatic removal of box cover together with formwork
      • Predetermined breaking point of box lid
      • Suitable for low structural component thicknesses
      • Allows scaffoldless installation of pulleys/hooks
Product overview
Item No. Description max.
carrying capacity
carrying capacity
ceiling thickness
295999003 Halfen HLX Lift-Box 1,5
with anchor loop
15,0 1.500 150
295999004 Halfen HLX Lift-Box 2,0
with anchor loop
20,0 2.000 150
295999006 Halfen HLX Lift-Box 2,0
with ring
20,0 2.000 150
295999007 Halfen HLX Lift-Box 4,0
with ring
40,0 4.000 200
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