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Stingl Systems GmbH
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Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding

Article LIFTjournal edition 03/2020

Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding 

Stingl has developed a product to meet the requirements of EN81-20 an assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding made of flame-resistant rigid foam panels. ... 

by Stingl GmbH

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Stingl is a well respected name in the specialised area of lift shaft and escalator equipment.

Stingl Systems represents the operating arm for all international business relations. Our firm has been supplying lift companies and building contractors with high quality products in Germany and the rest of Europe for more than 40 years.

Long-standing experience in the lift industry and our complete customer-orientation enable us to guarantee the reliable execution of orders and just-in-time delivery of our products on site or stock.


Our product range

Stingl Systems GmbH supplies safety relevant products like

  • lift shafts inserts,
  • retrofit products,
  • LED-systems and
  • lift components.

In addition, the product line comprises

  • safety barriers and
  • escalator accessories.

Many Stingl products are certified by official health and safety bodies (e.g. TUEV, Bau-BG) and comply with DIN EN 81 requirements.

Besides our standard product range, Stingl is also known for its capabilities regarding tailor-made solutions for lift industry customers.

Since 1979 providing professional service to our clients

Leonhard Stingl founded his still family-owned company more than 40 years ago. The pillars on which Stingl established the company are years of work experience and dedication in the lift industry, particularly in the areas of design and sales.

In March 1997, Stingl relocated itsoperations and is now headquartered in Obersulm-Willsbach, Germany in the well-known wine region in the state of Baden- Württemberg.The premises comprise 1.150 square meters of office and warehouse space.

Stingl is proud that small and large lift companies have been loyal partners for many years. Undoubtedly, this loyalty is the result of our company´s know-how combined with a strong service orientation.

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