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40 years Stingl GmbH

40 years Stingl GmbH: The first company headquarters were admittedly small – a room in a cellar....

by Stingl GmbH

Product catalog

Emergency Stop Switch

Emergency stop switch
Emergency stop switch

e.g. emergency stop switch in housing according to EN 81, emergency stop switch 40 mm, 1 NC, with switch position indicator according to EN 81, rotary or pull-locked.

Also available with pre-assembled cable in different lengths (e.g. 5 m) or other versions.

Product overview
Item No. Description
90113001100 Emergency stop switch with casing TLP, pull-released without stop label
90113002000 Emergency stop switch with casing TLP, turn-released
90113002001 Emergency stop switch, turn-released, 5 m connection cable
90113002002 Emergency stop switch, turn-released, 10 m connection cable
90113002003 Emergency stop switch, turn-released, 15 m connection cable
90113002004 Emergency stop switch, turn-released, 20 m connection cable
90113002005 Emergency stop switch, turn-released, 25 m connection cable
90113002006 Emergency stop switch, turn-released, 30 m connection cable
90113003100 Emergency stop switch with casing TLP, pull-released
90113003101 Emergency stop switch, pull-released, 5 m connection cable
90113003102 Stop switch, pull-released, 10 m connection cable
90113004100 Stop switch with lever actuating
DIN EN 81-20/50
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