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Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding

Article LIFTjournal edition 03/2020

Assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding 

Stingl has developed a product to meet the requirements of EN81-20 an assembly-friendly shaft wall cladding made of flame-resistant rigid foam panels. ... 

by Stingl GmbH

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Data sign for load points

Data sign for load points

Load points can be found in lift shaft and drive room ceilings. Stingl data signs allow the easy identification of the maximum capacity of a load point (waved anchor, flat steel anchor) and therewith facilitate the choice of the appropriate lifting loop during servicing or modernisation of a lift.

This product perfectly fulfils D IN EN 81-20 paragraph requirements on the identification of load points.

The data signs can be used for PFEIFER load hook systems. The nail plate can be simply screwed into the respective load point opening.

PVC nail plate,
metal chain or cable tie,
synthetic data sign


Certification of adequate carrying capacity of the shaft ceiling (thickness, reinforcement, load transmission) is to be provided by the responsible planner. Furthermore, the supplied instructions for installation and use must be followed strictly.

Product overview
Data sign nail plate
Item No. Carrying capacity / Imprint
1301005000 max. 500 kg
1301008000 max. 800 kg
1301012000 max. 1.200 kg
1301016000 max. 1.600 kg
1301020000 max. 2.000 kg
1301025000 max. 2.500 kg
1301040000 max. 4.000 kg
1301063000 max. 6.300 kg
1301080000 max. 8.000 kg
1301125000 max. 12.500 kg
Data sign cable tie
Item No. Carrying capacity / Imprint
1303005000 max. 500 kg
1303008000 max. 800 kg
1303012000 max. 1.200 kg
1303016000 max. 1.600 kg
1303020000 max. 2.000 kg
1303025000 max. 2.500 kg
1303040000 max. 4.000 kg
1303063000 max. 6.300 kg
1303080000 max. 8.000 kg
1303125000 max. 12.500 kg

Signs with other Capacities upon request!

Stingl data signs may be used only with the Pfeifer anchor system (waved anchor, flat steel anchor) to indicate a certain capacity.

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